Modi in China: #BeStrongTalkTibet


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be visiting China for the first time since he took office from 14 – 16, May 2015. He has a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with Chinese President Xi Jinping. It is his responsibility to be our voice, and raise our concerns with his Chinese counterpart. Without addressing the issue of Tibet there cannot be any lasting peace in the region. Tibet’s independence is the only way to ensure India’s security.

China’s massive plans for damming and diversion of the Yarlung Tsangpo/Brahmaputra river are of grave concern for India. If the Brahmaputra dries up, so does the future of millions of Indians dependent on its water for survival.

PM Modi has the chance to set the example for the rest of South Asia by standing up to China’s bullying, and call them out on their gross human rights violations in Tibet, and blatant stealing of Tibet’s resources.

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The time has come for PM Modi to stand with Tibet, to stand with the Dalai Lama, to stand on the right side of history!


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