Xi Jinping Mock Awards | Shooting & Arrests in Tibet


April 2, 2016: We carried out a Mock Award street action at Mcleodganj Main Square to urgently amplify the incidents of human rights violations that occurred in the past week inside Tibet. In a space of a few days, three Tibetans were arrested for merely exchanging views on the recently concluded Tibetan general elections in the micro messaging site Wechat and a Tibetan businessman advocating Tibetan language was charged with ‘inciting separatism’. We carried out a street theatre where Chinese President Xi Jinping was given awards for categories ranging from “Best Protection of Fundamental Freedom through Oppression” to “Most Democratic Governance through Totalitarian Rule” among others. By using satire and irony, we aim to highlight the terrible situation of Tibetans in Tibet, and to ridicule Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party as the worst dictatorship.

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