Poetry in your pocket

On November 5th, we hosted Poetry in Your Pocket, a Lhakar initiative to bring attention to censorship and the arts. In the spirit of Lhakar, Tibetans inside Tibet are opposing the Chinese state through music and poetry. As a result of th犀利士
eir subversive writings, many of these artists have been imprisoned and are no longer able to share their work. Although in Tibet these poems are censored and the writers arrested, here in exile we have the freedom to share these messages of resistance. We collected poems by writers who are currently in prison for their work and, along with enthusiastic members of our SFT Pune chapter, we distributed them on the street in Mcleod. We encouraged people to take a poem, carry it with them and share it with others. Take a look at some of the poems that we shared!


If you would like to host your own Poetry in Your Pocket event, you can find the materials here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3Fzdrs7OHTKOEtpbkd1MGJvaGM&usp=drive_web

How to host Poetry in Your Pocket

1. Post the event poster around campus before the event

2. Print out the 6 poems. You should print them with the poem on the front and the

description of Poetry in Your Pocket on the back.

3. Distribute the poems around campus and encourage people to take the poems with

them. You can leave the poems on tables in the cafeteria, on benches, in dorms, and

taped to walls.

4. Stand in a busy place and hand out the poems. This gives you an opportunity to talk to

people about the event.