Elliot Sperling – Announcement

On the occasion of Tibetan Independence Day, the donors of the prize in memory of Elliot Sperling, which sought applicants to propose ideas for a strategy
towards freedom in Tibet, announce the result of the critical evaluation
of the proposals.
Three examiners have independently assessed the validity of these submissions.
With regret, we must announce that none of the submissions have convinced the examiners of their viability. The examiners have unanimously and independently come to the conclusion that the prize should not be assigned to any of the submitted proposals. No idea received seemed to set into action the difficult process of finding a way to freedom.
The long years without a productive search for a way to recover Tibet from its
oppressors and the exponential growth of China have made the pursuit of
freedom a difficult affair.
However, the amount allotted to the prize will be assigned anyhow.
It will not be given to an individual but to a group of people who pursue in a consistent manner the aspiration for freedom. They have been on the forefront of the struggle towards Tibet’s independence for several years.
The donors assign the prize of 1,500 dollars in local currency to SFT India with the confidence that they will do further work to remind people around the world that the ultimate goal is nothing less than freedom for all Tibetans.
The fact that SFT India, in line with its tradition of working for freedom, has helped manage the prize in memory of Elliot Sperling had no bearing on the
decision. SFT-India’s involvment with the prize extended to logistical assistance, and they were not involved with judging the proposals or deciding the recipient of the prize money.
We are confident that, if he were alive, Elliot himself, seeing the outcome of the search for an embryo of strategy, would have agreed that the young women and men of SFT have done well in these years to deserve the prize.