Prof. Carole McGranahan talk on Chushi Gangdrug Army

A hugely successful talk by anthropologist and historian Dr. Carole McGranahan at Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen. Through a simple, human narrative, Dr. McGranahan talked about the story of the Chushi Gangdruk fighters – their hopes, fears, bravery and passion. Many in the audience were moved to tears by her talk. Gen Lhasang Tsering la (himself a veteran of the Tibetan Armed Resistance) presented a Khatak to Dr. McGranahan to thank her for her commitment and dedication t犀利士
o telling untold Tibetan stories.

THANK YOU Prof. McGranahan for sharing your research and experiences with us. Your talk reminded us of the immense sacrifices our elders have made in the Tibetan freedom struggle, and renewed us with passion to take our movement to Freedom!