Tiananmen square massacre

  In June 1989,  Nearly a million Chinese youth led movement across China for greater democracy and call for the resignation of Chinese Communist Party leaders who deemed too repressive. This movement shook CCP to its core that they resorted to such violence and brutality by storming through Tiananmen square and firing indiscriminately into the crowds of protester to crush their voices and spirits. 

June 1989 is still strictly censored in the media and on the Internet. The information blackout has been enforced so effectively for 20 years that most young Chinese are completely unaware of this major event.

So sensitive is the date that censors have blacklisted any consecutive combinations of the numbers 6, 4 and 89 on Chinese social media sites. Chinese internet users have proved adept at using coded language to refer to the politically sensitive event, often referring to it as “May 35” instead of “June 4” to avoid the censors’ attention.

4th June 2021 Tiananmen Square Massacre

 Tiananmen Square is in the heart of Beijing and is a very significant place in modern Chinese history. For 7 weeks in 1989, it experienced an unparalleled protest of students and workers against the economic and political system implemented by the Chinese Communist Party.

From Tiananmen to Tibet, the CCP clearly does not respect international human rights norms and does not deserve the honor of hosting an Olympic Games. SFT-India calls on IOC to move “the Genocide Games” to another country immediately.

 Due to the second wave of Covid- 19 pandemic and lockdown, SFT- India raised awareness and marked the date through social media, presenting posters and the number of  infographics timelines of the histories of Tiananmen square massacre to remember the date.

4th June 2020 (Tiananmen square massacre)

SFT-India did a photo action at Mcleod Ganj to commemorate the bloody massacre of Tiananmen square 31 year back. After three decades, we still stand here as proof of the CCP’s brutality toward the people who ask for democracy. However, people still commemorate this symbolic day all around the world as a testimony to the fact that no matter how much the CCP tries to censor, erase and rewrite history of the bloody massacre, they’re never going to succeed.  SFT demand that CCP should be held accountable for the murder of tens of thousands of peaceful pro democracy student protestors and  International community must call out China for all the atrocities in the occupied countries East Turkestan, Southern Mongolia, Taiwan, Hongkong and Tibet.