1st October 2020: Banner Action on the highest summit of Dhauladhar range

In the lead up to the Global Day of Action (Oct 1st) Tibetans, Uyghurs, Sounthern Mongolia, Hongkongkers, Taiwanese and Chinese are taking parts in action against Chinese Communist Party.

Students For a Free Tibet India  organized a banner action which reads “China free Tibet now” at one of the highest peaks in Dhauladhar range in Dharamshala as a form of protest against the Chinese Communist Government. 12 volunteers including three staff trekked eighteen hours to the peak and unfurled a banner which reads ‘China Free Tibet NOW!.

23rd July 2020: Down With China: Banner Action

On the 99th founding anniversary of the communist party of China ,  Students for Free Tibet (SFT)  India organized a banner action protest at McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala. This was the first ever biggest climbing banner action in Mcleod Ganj which is the hub of the Tibetan community exile.

 The banner action was successful  by unfurling a 30/50 feet banner from the Sixth floor of the building near Tsuklhakang which reads “Down with China, Tibet’s Independence, India’s security and Free Tibet now”.  The activist requested the Government of India to specifically raise the issue of Tibet. It also urged them to reject the One China policy.

21st Dec 2019: Non violent Direct action

As Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, arrived in India to talk on the Indo-Tibet border issue to discuss the disputed territory known as the McMahon Line with India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, Tibetan activists successfully unfurled a 32 ft banner from the Airport flyover minutes before his arrival. The banner reads ‘WANG YI! NO RIGHT TO TALK ON INDO-TIBET BORDER’. Activists also staged a nonviolent protest at the flyover.


Tibet activists kicked off their protest by unveiling(1) 35 ft by 16 ft  banner which reads “China, Free Tibet now!” 35 minutes before the  arrival of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. The protesters shouted slogans asking for Free Tibet. Wang Yi is currently in Delhi to jointly inaugurate the high-level India-China people-to-people exchanges mechanism with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.

Even after 59 years of illegal occupation of Tibet(2) by China, Tibetans inside Tibet continue to resist Chinese rule through nonviolent protests. Recently Drugkho, a Tibetan youth self-immolated to protest China’s Human Rights abuses.More than 160 Tibetans have self-immolated(3) both in and outside Tibet with a demand of freedom and return of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.


Tibetan activist unfurled a banner in front of the Imperial Hotel where Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’ is residing. Wang Yi is currently in Delhi for the 15th Russia-India-China Foreign Ministers’ trilateral meeting, Tibet activists kicked off their protest by unveiling(1) a 10ft  by 4ft banner. The banner read “China, Free Tibet Now.” The  protesters shouted slogans asking for Free Tibet.

The Russia, India and China meeting comes on the heels of an unprecedented environmental crisis in Tibet due to China’s creation of a 1,000-km long tunnel, which, if completed, would be the world’s longest by a huge margin, to divert the waters of the Brahmaputra from Tibet to the dry Xinjiang region. These activities are a major threat to India and other downstream countries whose survival depends on Tibet’s rivers.(2) Moreover, the human rights situation in Tibet has worsened dramatically in recent years as fundamental rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, religion and privacy have been severely restricted.


Earlier on the day, 15 mins after Xi Jinping landed at Dambolin airport, five activists staged a protest raising slogans of “Tibet’s Independence India’s security”, “Stop Demolition of Tibetan Monastery Larung Gar by Chinese Govt”. The five activists were arrested and taken to Vasco police station. This was to highlight the plights of Tibetans inside Tibet under the illegal Chinese colonial occupation.

“India got it’s independence 70 years ago from British rule, and the freedom I enjoy today is due to the sacrifice of our Indian freedom fighters. Therefore, I joined the Tibetan nonviolent resistance for freedom, which is their birthright, and India should stand with them in their fight for truth and justice,” said Pranav SFT Goa Member.  “As an Indian I am also very concerned about China’s systematic damming of Tibet’s rivers and extensive water diversion projects which will have devastating consequences for India. I call PM Modi to take a strong stand and raise the Tibet issue with Xi Jinping. Only Tibet’s freedom can ensure lasting peace in the region.”


Three Tibetan activists with Students for a Free Tibet, India staged a dramatic protest this morning at 11:00am to mark Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s India visit. The action took place approximately 100 meters from the Taj Palace Hotel, where the Premier is staying during his first official visit to India since being appointed China’s #2 leader. Tashi, one of the young activists, unfurled a 20-foot-long banner reading “CHINA OUT OF TIBET, CHINA OUT OF INDIA. LI KEQIANG: TIBET WILL BE FREE!” and shouted slogans calling for ‘Free Tibet’ and ‘Tibet’s Independence, India’s Security’. They were immediately detained and taken to the nearest police station.


Eleven more Tibetan activists from Students for a Free Tibet-India and Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Dharamsala were arrested for protesting Chinese President Hu Jintao. The protest took place at around 12.20 pm where the activists were arrested for unfurling a large 5.5 x 12 feet-long banner reading “HU JINTAO: CHINA’S FAILED LEADER. FREE TIBET” from the footbridge leading to Saint Martin Marg toward the Taj Palace Hotel.