No Beijing 2022

3rd Feb 2021: No genocide Oylmpic (marks one year coundown).

5 Tibetan NGO marks one year countdown to the Beijing 2022 winter Olympics with a protest…activists called on the world governments to boycott the games through press statements and street action. . Protest was held in the main square with a big Olympic logo holding 5 bleeding dummies representing Tibet, Hongkong, southern Mongolia, East Turkestan and Taiwan. Protesters wearing the mask of Xi Jinping and Thomas Bach shaking bloody hands which signifies IOC joining hands with the CCP’s  brutality and human right atrocities.

4rd feb 2021:Ladakhi youths calling for boycotting Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics from 11,562 ft.

“Standing in solidarity with all the people and countries who’re oppressed by Chinese Communist regime.Standing
here in Ladakh, a very strategic location.Being a Ladhaki I’ve personally witnessed so many human rights violations and intrusions carried out by Chinese Communist regime.”
“We strongly condemned IOC’s decision of awarding China to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.”

1st oct 2021:Tibetan football players protest against Beijing olympics 2022 on 72nd founding anniversary of People’s Republic of China (PRC)

On the opening of GCMGC football tournament,Tibetan football players wore T-shirts which read #nobeijing2022 #downwithccp as a form of protest against China- 72nd Founding Anniversary of People’s Republic of China’
The ongoing human rights violations,recent mass arrests and restrictions on learning one’s own language (Tibetan) speaks volumes of why China shouldn’t be allowed to host the prestigious Olympic Games!

1st oct 2021: 70x6ft zipline banner action : “Down with China- free Tibet now!”

On its oct 2021: Sft India with National democratic party of Tibet outstretched  the 70x6ft long zipline banner which read Down with china , Free tibet now! On the 72nd founding anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. 

This banner action is calling upon all the international governments, sponsors, athletes, people of conscience everywhere to resist the chinese communist party and boycott Beijing olympic 2022.

19th oct 2021: Group of Tibetan Activists and supporters protest the Beijing Olympics during its Flame handover ceremony at Panathenaic Stadium.

Tibetan activists and supporters representing students for a free Tibet,  staged a protest wearing shirts with the clear message “#NOBEIJING2022” on the Olympic flame handover ceremony to the Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee delegation on 19th oct 2021.

The street protest today is to send a clear message to international organizations and governments to implement targeted sanctions against China and boycott the Beijing Olympics 2022.