Lhakhar Film Series

Lhakar film series

Lhakar movement, a non-violent, non-cooperation movement of civil resistance started from Tibet. Lhakar, meaning ‘White Wednesday.’ It is a significant day to Tibetans as it is the day the Dalai Lama was born, known as his ‘soul day. Lhakar is about celebrating Tibetan culture and engaging in civil resistance.

 Through this movement, we aim to restore, renovate, and keep our language, culture, identity and tradition. At the same time, it is to show the world the unique and rich culture and tradition that CCP is trying its best to extinguish.

 SFT India’s Lhakar film series aims to use this beautiful  medium that engages our minds and emotions and invites us to participate in a story in ways that spoken or written words cannot. It is a great way to raise awareness and get people involved in discussion related to it. 



9th oct 2019: Wangdak’s Rainboot

SFT India presented the film screening on the film “Wangdak’s rainboot” on the Lhakar (White Wednesday).

Based on the novel by Tsering Dhondup, the film pays loving attention to the boys condition and tells the story from his point of view. The film tells in a calm and aesthetic visual language a timeless story from rural language a beautiful story from rural Tibet in which people are embedded in their tradition and in which modern civilization has hardly aby trace.

Wangdak’s Rain boots is Lhaphal Gyals first feature film and permitted at the Berlinale 2018.


11th Sept, 2019 : Joshua (Teenager vs. Superpower)

 LHAKAR Screening: “Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower” has the three things any action movie needs: a valiant hero, a mighty enemy and a catchy title. That it’s a documentary only makes the story more involving — and more worrisome — than most fictions.

The real-life lead hero here is Joshua Wong, who, as a 14-year-old in Hong Kong, made a breathtakingly brave stand against the Chinese government, which in 2012 began to institute a pro-Communist education program in that territory. Mr. Wong and the organization he founded Scholarism, recruited supporters, distributed leaflets and then occupied the square outside the Hong Kong government headquarters to protest the Chinese plan.

As their battles intensify, things grow complicated, and threats are always present “Teenager vs. Superpower,” which won an audience award at the Sundance Film Festival, ends the way most action movies does with hero and villain still battling. Yet amid the fight, there’s a sense of hope as we watch one tough kid turning into one tough man”

28th Aug 2019: Human flow

Human Flow, an epic film journey led by the internationally renowned artist Ai Weiwei, gives a powerful visual expression to this massive human migration. The documentary elucidates both the staggering scale of the refugee crisis and its profoundly personal human impact.

Human Flow is a witness to its subjects and their desperate search for safety, shelter and justice: from teeming refugee camps to perilous ocean crossings to barbed-wire borders; from dislocation and disillusionment to courage, endurance and adaptation; from the haunting lure of lives left behind to the unknown potential of the future.