Immediate Programs 2020-2021

We believe every individual has the right to be free. Those who enjoy freedom have the power and also the responsibility to make positive change in the world.

We seek to create opportunities to inspire, enable and motivate all people to see that change is possible. As we  value creativity in every pursuit, and we believe it is essential to  work towards our vision of a just and equitable world.


28th Dec 2021: Candle light vigil in solidarity with critical situation in Drago.

SFT- India with TYC organized the Candlelight vigil in solidarity with disregard and violation of religious freedom in Drago, Kham region of Tibet. Another evidence of the grim human rights situation inside Tibet is nowhere more appalling than the fact that recently the Chinese government ordered the demolition and destroyed the statue as well as the 45 prayer wheels in the vicinity of Drago Monastery have all  been destroyed as well. More importantly The 99-foot statue of the Buddha was legally erected on 05 May 2015 with authorizing documents in order from the district office.

Furthermore, in November this year they also demolished Drago Monastery’s Gaden Namgyal Monastic school, which served as an important hub of education in the area. 

7th Dec 2021: Film Screening: Marking 59 days to Beijing Genocide Olympic 2022

Screening of “Leaving Fear Behind” by Dhondup Wangchen today at Juniper Café, McLeod.
Delighted to see the passion and enthusiasm of these Indian youths. Great interactive session!

Leaving fear behind was secretly shot by Dhondup Wangchen and his assistant Golog Jigme. This documentary captures the thought, feelings and struggles of Tibetan living under Chinese occupation before 2008 Beijing Olympic games.
The film makers were later detained and later sentenced to 5years imprisonment by Chinese security force merely for exercising their right to expression.

United States and other European countries has taken its clear stand to diplomatic boycott Beijing 2022. Biden claimed that taking side of human rights is in a DNA of America. We say it should be in DNA of all humanity. Its high time India as one of largest democratic country in world must take the lead in Asia and call for diplomatic boycott Beijing genocide Olympic 2022.

19th oct 2021: Group of Tibetan Activists and supporters protest the Beijing Olympics during its Flame handover ceremony at Panathenaic Stadium.

Tibetan activists and supporters representing students for a free Tibet,  staged a protest wearing shirts with the clear message “#NOBEIJING2022” on the Olympic flame handover ceremony to the Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee delegation on 19th oct 2021.

The street protest today is to send a clear message to international organizations and governments to implement targeted sanctions against China and boycott the Beijing Olympics 2022.



Film screening to the group of students from ziarat project – 10th sept 2021

Invited by ziarat project to have a conversation with the students on the topic related to Tibet , its political movement, its culture and tradition. We had a successful screening of the film “Leaving Fear Behind” by Dhondup Wangchen with a group of students ranging from 16years to 36years.

The discussion and interaction followed by the film was super productive.

International day of the disappeared. 30th aug 2021

Sft- India organized a screening of the feature film  “BARLEY FIELDS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN” directed by Tian Tsering.  The screening was done at Philo Cafe at Gamru, Dharamshala on International day of the disappeared.

We had a successful film screening followed up with constructive discussion. It beautifully showed the suffering of the victim of enforced disappearance, how it robs the victim and its families of their freedom, happiness, truth and right to life.

On 1st sept , the sft-_india presented the film at Tipa hall to all the students and teacher as suggested by the film actor samten dhondup. We invited all the available cast and crew for the screening.

1st july 100th CPC founding anniversary

A Century of Oppression and Torture’ #NothingtoCelebrate #cpc100

As China celebrates its 100th founding anniversary of CPC (Communist Party of China) there are massive protests happening all over the world by Tibet activists and supporters. Under Xi’s leadership, the Chinese government has intensified its crackdown on the voices demanding human rights and freedom not only in Tibet but also across China and its occupied countries.

Sft did a powerful photo action with xi jinping bathing in a tub of blood it tooks from tibet and its other occupied countries.

World Music Day: Tribute to our Tibetan artists and musicians. 21st june 2021

The theme for this world music day 2021 is “music at intersection ” and As Tibetans  we are at the intersections of our resistance, the intersections of our identity and the intersections of our struggle.

We organised live music concerts through instagram with one speaker Dechen Penpa la and four other aspiring singers like Tenzin Choegyal, Sakya Thinley Kalden, Tenzin Dhongyoe and Tenzin Rigzin as a tribute to all the artists or singers out there who supported us,  who bravely challenged CCPs authoritarian regime with their music and art.

Our main objective here is To highlight the issue of Tibetan resistance singers like Lhundrup Drakpa and remember the contribution of Tibetan singers in Tibet for the Tibetan Struggle  through their music, and find hope to continue with the struggle. Through this form of cultural resistance we are challenging the unjust and oppressive brutal human rights abuses and atrocities happening in Tibet and focus on raising awareness of Tibetan issues and call for justice through the power of artistic and cultural and musical expression.




Driru short film- 15 nov 2020 

The murder, torture, and arbitrary detention of Lhamo, Drakpa and Tharpa are part of a widespread and systematic attack against ordinary Tibetans in Driru. Repressive regulation and directive issued by Driru county authorities since 2013 are further evidence that the attack on civilian population is well organized and not a random occurrence. According to eyewitness estimates   , more than 600 Tibetan from Driru alone have been imprisoned in the past several years at Chushur Prison near Lhasa.

SFT-India furthermore produced a short film titled “Driru”  in attempt to reenact the stories of Late Lhamo, her cousin Tharpa and Lhundrup Dakpa  to depict how Tibetan are subjected to extreme torture and brutality under Chinese communist regime.

25th oct 2020: Global solidarity action to Save 12 HK Youth

25th Oct, Dharamshala: SFT- India took part in the global solidarity action calling for immediate release of 12 youth HongKongers who were arrested while they tried to escape from Chinese brutality and oppression. SFT also released a video message in solidarity with 12 youth Hongkongers.

We express our solidarity with the Hong Kong movement for democracy and rights, and we salute the people of Hong Kong for refusing to remain silent as Beijing reneges on its promise of universal suffrage and democratic reforms.

SFT expresses solidarity with Hongkongers, condemns China for imposing new draconian security law in Hong Kong.
-4th July 2020

 Tibetans and Hongkongers alike share  a common desire for basic human rights like millions around the world and our collective resistance will endure until we are all free from the Chinese Communist regime.

Students for a Free Tibet-India held a solidarity protest on 4th July 2020 to express their solidarity with the people of Hong Kong and to strongly condemn China for imposing the controversial law. The activist called the new law “an attack on freedom in Hong Kong as the Chinese Communist Party attempts to take full control over the territory,” and likened the legislation to the law with vague terms frequently employed by the regime to crack down on peaceful dissent in Tibet, East Turkestan, Southern Mongolia and mainland China.