22 October 2021: Global Climate strike

7 NGOs in Dharamshala and supporters across the world joined the Global Climate Strikes today, to raise awareness of the Climate Crisis in Tibet ahead of the COP26 in Glasgow, UK from 31st October- 12 November 2021.

The COP26 should recognize the global ecological significance of the Tibetan Plateau, making it central to any discussion on global climate change.

Organised by Clean Upper Dharamsala Programme, Gu Chu Sum Movement Association of Tibet, National Democratic Party of Tibet, Students for a Free Tibet-India, Tibetan Women’s Association and facilitated by International Tibet Network.

70x6ft zipline banner action : “Down with China- free Tibet now!” – 1st oct 2021

On its oct 2021: SFT India with National Democratic Party of Tibet outstretched  the 70x6ft long zipline banner which read Down with China , Free Tibet now! On the 72nd founding anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. 

This banner action is calling upon all the international governments, sponsors, athletes, people of conscience everywhere to resist the Chinese Communist Party and boycott Beijing Olympic 2022.

19th feb 2020: Candle light vigils in solidarity with late martyr Konchock jinpa 

According to Tibet Watch’s sources, local authorities tried to begin mining activities at the Naghla Dzambhala Mountain in October 2013. The mountain is considered a holy and sacred site and the plans to carry out mining there prompted thousands of Tibetans to protest. The demonstrations were met with a violent crackdown in which thousands were arrested. Kunchok Jinpa shared information of these non-violent protests with the Tibetan community in India. He also called for environmental protection and a ban on mining in the region.

5 ngo organised candlelight vigils to highlight the situation of political prisoners in tibet and  in solidarity with Konchock Jinpa and keep him in our prayers.

3rd Feb 2021: No genocide Oylmpic (marks one year coundown).

5 Tibetan NGO marks one year countdown to the Beijing 2022 winter Olympics with a protest…activists called on the world governments to boycott the games through press statements and street action. . Protest was held in the main square with a big Olympic logo holding 5 bleeding dummies representing Tibet, Hongkong, southern Mongolia, East Turkestan and Taiwan. 

Protesters wearing the mask of Xi Jinping and Thomas Bach shaking bloody hands which signifies IOC joining hands with the CCP’s  brutality and human right atrocities.

12th nov 2020: Street Theatre and candle light vigil.

On 12th Nov, Street theatre organised by 5 major Tibetan NGO to highlight the deteriorating human rights situation in Driru, Tibet.

Countless Tibetan in Tibet undergo injustice for simply practicing basic human rights. Such kind of evil human rights abuses are deliberately designed to affect thousands of Tibetans in Tibet for the furtherance of the Chinese state’s ‘stability maintenance’ policy.

Venue: McLeod Ganj, Main Square

30 oct 2020: Driru Candle light vigil:

The murder, torture, and arbitrary detention of Lhamo, Drakpa and Tharpa are part of a widespread and systematic attack against ordinary Tibetans in Driru. Repressive regulation and directive issued by Driru county authorities since 2013 are further evidence that the attack on civilian population is well organized and not a random occurrence. According to eyewitness estimates, more than 600 Tibetan from Driru alone have been imprisoned in the past several years at Chushur Prison near Lhasa.

On 30th oct 2020 , Joint Press Conference by 6 Tibetan NGO calling for immediate release of Lhundup Drakpa the Tibetan singer, Tharpa and justice for Lhamo who was murdered in a Chinese prison.

we organized the Candle light vigil highlighting the deteriorating human rights situation in Driru. Custodial death of Lhamo and recent arrest of Tharpa and Tibetan singer Lhundup speaks volumes of how Tibetans in Driru are subjected to oppressive policies.

1st oct 2020: Global day of action

Tibetan activists, representing five organizations, staged a visual protest with body bags labelled “China Lies, Tibetans Die” in Dharamshala as a part of a ‘Resist China’ Global Day of Action, on the founding  anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.

Each body bag was placed to represent those who have died due to Chinese communist party’s brutal 70 year occupation of Tibet.

17th July 2020 (World Justice Day): Led by 5 Major NGOs, Tibetans rebuked the So-called ONE CHINA POLICY.

“On world justice day, 5 leading Tibetan NGOs organized a street action holding posters, banners and flags calling for independence of rightful historical sovereignty of Tibet and rebuke “One China Policy“ which subjugates the countries occupied under China. It also highlighted recent malevolent handling of Tibet by the Chinese Government regarding Wuhan originated Coronavirus. 

5 major Tibetan NGO, also launched a petition along with a report and submitted to foreign dignitaries and around 160 embassies of other countries in Delhi to call for stronger support to Tibetan cause and rebuke the so-called “One China Policy”

18th June 2020: 5 NGOs Solidarity Action for India (Galwan Valley Attack)

Head/representatives from leading Tibetan NGOs gave a joint statement at the press conference to express the Tibetan community’s solidarity with India and to condemn China’s aggression on Indian territory that killed at least 20 Indian Soldiers. 

The NGO further made a call on the “world leaders and governments  to stand with India against this illegal aggression by Chinese troops on Indian soil” and a collective effort “to counter China’s expansionism.”   The international community must join the Indian grassroots movement to boycott ‘Made in China’ products, and raise the economic pressure on China,” 

They urged that an Independent Tibet is the only lasting solution for the Indo-China conflict” and recalled that “for centuries,  independent Tibet and India enjoyed peace and friendship. “It is high time for India to recognize Tibet as an Independent country and occupied nation by inviting Tibet’s legitimate representation on the Indo-Tibet border agreement.